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We have reimagined everything you wished for in your dream working space!

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If you don't want to work alone, but say "I prefer a closed office space rather than a common space," you may be talking about our Fixed Desk membership. Our membership model in a ready-made office area where you can mingle with other Kolektif people from another company next door.

We have over 2500 Kolektif profiles from many different fields and sectors, from investors to entrepreneurs, to freelancers, to corporate. We provide an environment for cooperation with our events. In addition, you can reach all other members through our KoPlanet interface and contact them. Especially if you are a Fixed Desk member, you can mingle with other Kolektif People you share in the same office whenever you want.

You can subscribe for a minimum of 1 month in our Fixed Desk memberships.

We call KoPerks for our collaborations with brands that we benefit from sports, art, food and drink, and that we feel close to the brand awareness of Kolektif. Thanks to these collaborations, we receive special privileges / discounts from brands for Kolektif. You can also follow how to use many different collaborations from Amazon Web Services to Cihangir Yoga through our interface.

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