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Your first Kolektif House on the Asian side. Monday breakfasts to help you start the week without syndrome, relaxing yoga classes after work, workshops to help you in your job and learn something new, and new KoMember neighbors for you to find the right person to cooperate.

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We have reimagined everything you wished for in your dream working space!

24/7 Access 24/7 Access
24/7 Security 24/7 Security
Kitchenettes Kitchenettes
Printer Printer
Lockers Lockers
Yüksek Hızlı İnternet Yüksek Hızlı İnternet
Günlük Temizlik Günlük Temizlik
Posta & Kargo Hizmeti Posta & Kargo Hizmeti
Dinlenme Alanları Dinlenme Alanları
Secretary Secretary
Meeting Room Meeting Room
Unlimited Coffee & Tea Unlimited Coffee & Tea

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