Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What is Kolektif House?
A: Kolektif House is a happy and living coworking space, which believes that we’re stronger together.
Q: What are our aims and purposes?
A: Our purpose is to design productive and economical coworking spaces and help KoMembers work efficiently and motivated while concentrating fully on their jobs. Our aim is to bring together likeminded freelancers, investors and companies, under the same roof.
Q: Can you tell us about your services and privileges?
A: We offer more than your dream coworking space. We provide 24/7 office usage, coffee and tea service, meeting rooms, fast and accessible WIFI, cleaning and security. We plan inspiring, educational and instructive events for members who want to work while socializing and socialize while working. We also provide discounts for our members from our favorite brands.
Q: Who are KoMembers (Kolektif Members)?
A: We call freelancers, creative agencies, investors, entrepreneurs and companies who work with passion, who is also a Kolektif House member, KoMembers.
Q: Who founded Kolektif House?
A: Kolektif House was founded in 2015 by 3 young partners; Ahmer Onur, Cıvan Orhan and Arda Yiğithan Orhan, who have spent the majority of their lives abroad, on a snowy but sunny day. Since all our team is full of love and determined, we are growing together as a family.
Q: What is Coworking?
A: The new office space we have created is called coworking spaces around the world. Coworking means ‘working together’. The aim is to create independent office spaces with collective living areas that bring together likeminded people from different sectors and freelancers. This way, people from different sectors get to work under the same roof in a more economical and socialized place.
Q: What are ‘Shared Office Space’ and ‘Serviced Office’?
A: Shared Office Space is a concept that allows companies from different sectors work under the same roof. A serviced office is an office building that rents individual offices or floors to other companies and supplies them with cleaning, security and WIFI.
Q: What are the advantages of Coworking spaces and Serviced Offices?
A: Flexibility. We offer monthly and yearly office rentals. Networking. Working under the same roof with many different freelancers and investors, its possible for you to find your next coworker, investors or simply someone to have coffee with. Motivation. We offer you a happy coworking space with breakfasts, educational panels, massages, yoga classes and much more. Comfort and Inspiration. You can work at our elaborately and ergonomically designed office spaces and get inspired. Productive. You can move into your dream office quickly, without deposit or an investment.


Q: How long is the minimum membership?
A: Office membership is for minimum 3 months, Nomad and fixed table memberships are for minimum 1 month.
Q: Do long term rentals get a discount?
A: We offer certain advantages and free usage for rentals for more than 6 months.
Q: Do you take deposit?
A: To initiate your membership, it’s enough to pay 2 months rent.
Q: Do you have locker rental?
A: You can rent lockers at Şişhane for 90 TL + tax and at Levent, 60 – 90- 120 TL + tax based on their size.
Q: Do we have to make an appointment for office visitation?
A: We would recommend you to make reservations in order for us to make more time and get to know you better. For walk-ins, you can visit us on Tuesday- Fridays at 11:00 – 13:00 or at 15:00 by giving your name to our welcome desk or calling us at 0530 942 3815.
Q: Do you have time limitations in office usage?
A: The offices are open 24/7, you can use them for how ever long you want.
Q: Can we bring pets to the offices?
A: We love pets! As long as they don’t bother other members, all pets are welcome.
Q: Can the Nomad Members give their 2 day free option to their visitors?
A: We are sorry to say that we cannot help you with this. However, your visitors can visit with a daily fee of 49 TL + taxes on their third visit.
Q: Can we freeze our memberships?
A: We don’t have membership freezing for any of our memberships.
Q: Do you take written notifications coming in KoMembers’ names?
A: Sadly no. We only accept notifications for our lawyer members.
Q: Are there any treats for KoMembers?
A: There are snacks on weekdays, between 9.00 and 17.00 and fulltime self-service coffee and tea stands. Also, on Mondays, we have a breakfast service. We don’t ask for additional fees.
Q: Where can we eat at Kolektif House?
A: You can eat in your offices or in the KoLounge areas.
Q: How many times are the offices cleaned at Kolektif House?
A: There is a cleaning service everyday, in all areas.


Q: How do you provide security?
A: We are secure 24/7 thanks to Securitas. Also, our security guard is on call everyday between 20.00 and 8.00. The Kolektif Team is always around weekdays between 9.00 and 18.30.
Q: Can the Nomad Members bring visitors?
A: We can welcome our nomad members’ visitors freely for 2 hours. For stays that are longer, we ask for 49 TL+ tax which is added to the members’ bill at the end of the month. Your guests can use our open areas with the guest cards we give them.
Q: Can the office members bring visitors?
A: You can accommodate any number of visitors in your offices. If your visitors use the KoLounge areas for more than 3 times a month, we bill them 49 TL + tax.

Meeting Rooms

Q: How does the meeting room system work?
A: The Fixed Table members get 5 hours, Offices get 10 hours monthly free usage. In using the meeting rooms, we ask for you to make reservations beforehand to make sure your get the date and time you want. When you make the reservation, the system automatically deletes from your monthly usage quota. Nomads don’t have free meeting room usage. When you make reservations, the fee will be added to your monthly bill. The meeting rooms can’t be booked on the weekends, KoMembers hwo want to use them can get in touch with the KMR’s. Our KoRooms, meeting/seminar rooms for 20 people, can be booked through e-mailing our team.
Q: Which services are included in the meeting rooms?
A: We have self-service coffee and tea between 9.00 and 18.00. For the meetings after work hours, the service is self-service. For snacks, we ask for you to let us know 2 days ahead. We add the extra catering fee to your monthly bill.
Q: Can we cancel the reservations made for the meeting rooms?
A: We ask you to let us know about the cancelletions 2 hours prior to the meetings, otherwise we’re not able to help you with the cancellation.
Q: Can non-members use the meeting rooms?
A: Only our 3 meeting rooms with 12-16 or 20 people capacity are open for non-members and can be booked. Our KoMembers can use these rooms with a 20% discount. The smaller rooms are accessible only by our members.
Q: Can we use our meeting rooms usage option in every Kolektif location?
A: You can only use the meeting rooms where your membership is. For other locations, we would like you to get an additional service.

WIFI Access

Q: Can you give information on your WIFI speed?
A: For Internet access, we are using a fast and symmetrical system called Fiber (Metro Internet) 500 mbps download and 500 mbps upload. We provide all KoMembers with a symmetric Internet accessibility. When in need of a faster WIFI, you can purchase additional packages. Both WIFI and cabled Internet is present in our offices.


Q: Do you have valet service?
A: You can use our valet service with daily fees. Our valet team works between 9:00-18:00 on the weekdays.