Our Kolektif World;


Think about a co-working space that is designed by believing in the power of being natural and the importance of being aware of the world.

A living area for everyone who produces and creates passionately to nourish the soul and the work…

 We create a community that believes in the power of giving, producing and sharing rather than receiving. Every day we welcome a new inspiration within our Kolektif family. In the light of growing by sharing, day of a Kolektif member in the Kolektif House begins with feeling the love for life and cherish the belief of work!

We grow every day with our members who start the day with Petra coffee, greets the day and the next door neighbour every morning without missing the smile on face, gets motivated with our breakfasts on every Monday, and attends workshops and speeches after work to mature themselves and their works, never skip to take some breath in terrace of Kolektif, and enjoy in “Game Room” by playing PlayStation with a neighbour; and continues meetings with full concentration as well as finds out the secret of success by love of exploring new ways.


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Weekly Wisdom

“You are the things you accept” | Janis Joplin

Merve Oruç | Cambly

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