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We have designed the furniture, the living and coworking spaces to bring together creative people under the same roof. Specially designed for you to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city while being at the center of the city. Inspiring, spacious, free and natural with all its green areas and large co-working spaces.  Around 200 private offices, 20 meeting rooms in different shapes depending on your requirements, a yard where you’ll find tranquility, meditation room, Ko-library, PlayStation room that will be opened with the opening of the 5th floor, winter garden of 100 square meter and a large terrace. Good for your heart and for your work!

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We have reimagined everything you wished for in your dream working space!

High Speed Internet High Speed Internet
Soul Room Soul Room
Yoga Yoga
24/7 Security 24/7 Security
Günlük Temizlik Günlük Temizlik
Snacks Snacks
Lockers Lockers
Easy Transportation Easy Transportation
24/7 Access 24/7 Access
Daily Cleaning Daily Cleaning
Valet Service Valet Service
Soul Room Soul Room
Common Garden Common Garden
Library Library
Meditation Meditation
Lockers Lockers
Common Garden Common Garden
Unlimited Coffee & Tea Unlimited Coffee & Tea
24/7 Access 24/7 Access

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