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Benefit from all the membership privileges wherever you are with the Kolektif House digital membership! Dijital Membership gives you access to the Kolektif House app and our membership portal KoPlanet for collaboration opportunities with other Kolektif members. It comes with a 1 day free pass, KoPerks loyalty program with special discounts and additional services that you can add-on with a click. Come and meet our new working system for your short-term use needs.

Start Your Digital Membership

Kolektif House membership where you can benefit
from all Kolektif privileges and 3 day free pass

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139TL 99TL / Monthly



Start your Digital Membership in 3 easy steps

Join Kolektif and enjoy the perks

Visit any location for 3 day and purchase additional days and services as you like


Perks and discounts for our members from brands we love

The Privileges of Being Kolektif

· KoPerks discounts for our members from brands we love
· Access and networking opportunities to more than 3000 members through our membership portal KoPlanet
· Communication with fellow Kolektif members and companies from our Slack groups
· Catch up with the weekly newsletter

· Access to members only Online/Offline KoEvents
· Quick access to our event areas and discounted prices
· Access to meeting rooms with add-ons
· More than 3 day access to locations with add-ons

Waiting for you when you come to the location

7/24 Kullanım 7/24 Kullanım
Sınırsız Çay & Kahve Sınırsız Çay & Kahve
Kolay Ulaşım | Metro’ya Yakın Kolay Ulaşım | Metro’ya Yakın
Ortak Bahçe Ortak Bahçe
Mutfak Alanı Mutfak Alanı
Paylaşımlı Kütüphane Paylaşımlı Kütüphane
Kilitli Dolap Kilitli Dolap
Dinlenme Alanları Dinlenme Alanları
Meditasyon Eğitimi Meditasyon Eğitimi
Toplantı Odaları Toplantı Odaları
Posta & Kargo Hizmeti Posta & Kargo Hizmeti
Yazıcı Yazıcı
Sekreterlik Sekreterlik
7/24 Güvenlik 7/24 Güvenlik
Günlük Temizlik Günlük Temizlik
Atıştırmalıklar Atıştırmalıklar
Soul Room Soul Room
Vale Servisi Vale Servisi
Yüksek Hızlı İnternet Yüksek Hızlı İnternet
Yoga Yoga

Frequently Asked Questions

Sure! Your pass will be just a click away to location you want whenever you want it.

Yes! When you want to continue your Kolektif experience, you can buy as many Daily Passes as you want from KoPlanet.

The minimum duration of our Digital Membership is 1 month.

You’ll just need login to KoPlanet with your activation and create your account and BOOM that’s it.

We call our loyalty program KoPerks. Here you will find our many collaborations with brands from gyms to restaurans, credits and more! You can follow how to use these perks form KoPlanet.

You can cancel your Digital Membership from KoPlanet without being reflected to the next month.

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