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Our office model supports today's mobile and creative workforce and serves corporate needs. From finding the office space to its design, to the operational services after its delivery including decoration; flexible workspace solution that saves money, time and energy.


Finds your office

Handles design and architecture

Manages entire operation

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All the Values You Seek in an Office

Increase Efficiency;

· Opportunity to move to the office without investment
· Savings in design, construction and operational costs
· Management of all your processes with one invoice and one partner

More Flexible and Agile;

· Opportunity to move to your new office in as little as 1 month for certain requests
· More flexible contract terms and conditions
· Ability to use other Kolektif House locations for daily work and meetings

Employee Satisfaction and Loyalty;

· Design that increases creativity, efficiency and satisfaction
· A reliable, solution-oriented and hospitable service
· Perks that will add value to your life both inside and outside the office
· Opportunity to participate in Kolektif House events and workshops

Frequently Asked Questions

Kolektif takes the responsibility on itself by making long term agreements with the collective property owner. We make flexible contracts with you that offer shorter term growth and contraction options. In addition, thanks to the 30 thousand square meter office space we currently operate, it provides better quality service at a more affordable price by reducing unit costs.

The management and costs of the construction, moving and office operation process are undertaken by the Kolektif team, and you proceed with a single invoice in your turnkey office. This helps you to minimize overhead costs; shortens the process, offers permanent flexibility with flexible contract terms and increases employee satisfaction.

The process begins as soon as you complete the form. It takes between 8 to 16 weeks to move completely according to your needs and demands.

According to the model you will decide on, we offer many advantages such as the use of common areas and meeting rooms at Kolektif House locations, advantages in your event organizations, giving quick feedbacks via our membership portal, networking with our members and catching discount opportunities from the brands we have an agreement with.

According to your preference, a model can be developed in which you can use all Kolektif House locations with your own office. In this way, you can provide mobility especially for your field teams.

In the Kolektif Enterprise model, it is enough to inform us the region you prefer. The Kolektif team will offer you the most suitable options.



Special privileges and discounts for our members from brands that we love

Kolektif Services You Can Choose

Valet Service Valet Service
Yoga Yoga
24/7 Access 24/7 Access
Unlimited Coffee & Tea Unlimited Coffee & Tea
Easy Transportation Easy Transportation
Common Garden Common Garden
Kitchenettes Kitchenettes
Library Library
Lockers Lockers
Lounge Areas Lounge Areas
Meeting Room Meeting Room
Post Office Post Office
Secretary Secretary
24/7 Security 24/7 Security
Daily Cleaning Daily Cleaning
Snacks Snacks
Soul Room Soul Room
High Speed Internet High Speed Internet